Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Trip to my Native place

Suddenly decided to leave with my cousin to my native, :). Didnt get ticket to go to the place directly, so took ticket to Tutocorin, and from there i had to take another bus, which leave at 5:15 AM. Hopefully, i reached the bus stand at 4:15 AM itself.(Vivegam is fast :)) My cousin took another bus, as he already had booked tickets. He left at 7:00 PM and i left at 10:00 PM. But we both reached home at the same time.
I stayed there for three days. Its really a cool place. A small village near Tiruchenthur. This place is a small desert. So, farmers use ground water for cultivation. I went to a temple there on the first day. Second day i went to tiruchenthur temple. Third day was the actual festival in the village. Enjoyed it and returned to coimbatore the next day.
If i have to share my experiences, i have to write a lot.. :)

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