Sunday, August 21, 2005

First Debian Conference at IIIT, Banglore

I have never used Debian and so didnt know much about it. I went to the Debian Conference held at Indian Institute of Information Technology, Banglore (IIITB). It was organised by IIITB students. The only two debian developers from India shared their Experiences. I was so happy when i came to know that both were from Tamil Nadu. One from Chennai (Ramakrishnan) and Another from Coimbatore (R. Ganeshan) ;)
They exposed the debian to everyone and now i'm planning to switch to Debian and become a Debian developer soon. Their aim was to increase the debian developers in india from 2 to 20. Hope that is achieved. Many people doesnt know about Debian and the target can be achieved, if we are able to spread a word about Debian.
To become a debian developer is not a simple and easy task. We need to learn the Debian Free Software Policy and it might take more than a year to get the GPG key to access the repository.
Check out this article for more details,. :)

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