Monday, August 29, 2005

Bindings for Python

Python is so cool and lots of libraries and languages have bindings to be written in Python. Python/C API reference shows a list of C bindings for Python. We can create our own module in C and import in Python. Similarly, PyGtk, PyScilab, PyGimp, PyGst, Python Java Bindings, and lot more. Thanks to all the developers who have spent their time and written these bindings. I also hope to write one such bindings ;), if any developer has left any for me.

After learning the Python/C API Reference, i started with PyGtk today and now its very simpler to write Gtk programs in Python than in C. Though writing Gtk programs in C must be more flexible. (Am not sure. I have to explore python to learn its capabilities, and only then i can decide)
PyGtk is going on well now and hope to finish it quickly and start programming my transformer-gui module.

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