Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Gnome-media Release

Ronald was busy with his work and was asking someone to roll out the tarball. I volunteered. It was my first time and i didnt know how to release it. I checked out the like
Also Ronald asked me to change the version number and run and them make distcheck. I did that and it took around half an hour in my system to create a tarball. (It was compiling to check for any failures)
I didnt make any changes to ChangeLog and NEWS as Ronald didnt ask me to do so. I asked Vincent and he told that ChangeLog has to be changed. so i changed it and again took half an hour to make the tar file and sent the link to him. Hope he got that and added to the ftp server. There were other things that need to be done before releasing. But i dont know if i have to do that too. Just waiting for Vincent. ;)

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