Sunday, August 28, 2005

Me and Wiki setup

I wanted to have a wiki at the Fosta site. I saw a module in Drupal called Wiki, so thought that drupal had support for Wiki. But that was only a text filter, that can be used while creating the content.
I was searching about Wiki in Google. I got the a Wikipedia site -
First i didnt notice about the software that this site used (Media Wiki). When i checked out a list of Wiki Softwares, i found that TWiki was mostly used by all so downloaded it.
Twiki has the complete information about Installation, but lots of procedures are involved to install it. Somehow, i managed to install it.
Then i got two more wiki softwares. One was SourceForge Wiki software, and Media Wiki. Since i'm hosting the site at, i wanted to use SFWiki. Seems, there is no developer developing it. The package is very simple and small. Followed the description and found that some of the files were missing. :(
Then, i wanted to test Media Wiki. I extracted it and read the INSTALL file. Media Wiki is relatively easy to install when compared to other packages. I did have some difficulties with permissions. Even after giving write permission to a subdirectory under ServerRoot, the webserver was not able to write to that dir :(. I didnt know the reason.
I had to hack a bit to make it work. I removed the permission check, and now, the database was successsfully created. Media Wiki was clever enough to print the output to the screen, even if it wasnt able to write to that sub directory. It asked me to copy the output to a file. And after that, it worked well :)
Nice experience today.

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