Saturday, February 18, 2006

GCC Tool Chains for BF533

Free Cross Compiler for BF533 Processer is now comes with GCC and you can get it @
Analog Devices gives the Visual DSP++ IDE for a 90 day trial period, which is really a good IDE for BF533. But my affinity towards Free Softwares made me to search for a Free cross compiler. has the Gcc Toolchains for BF533 Processors and it can be downloaded from that site which is very active. I have downloaded it and installed it also. Its very simple to install. After extracting it, just run the install script in the Buildscripts directory.

Am in my home dir. Created a build directory called Bfin-build. I have also extracted the toolchain in my home dir.
$ cd Bfin-build
$../bfin-gcc-3.4.05r4-2/buildscript/BuildToolChain -s /home/madhan/bfin-gcc-3.4.05r4-2

Thats it, it'll build everything by itself.
Append the path variables to the existing path variable.
export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/Bfin-build/bin:$HOME/Bfin-build/sbin:$HOME/Bfin-build/libexec

Now you can try out the tools, like bfin-elf-gcc, etc :)

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